Starting Over

Hello. My name is Proteus.

I’m starting over.

There comes a time where you look back on your life, and realize that you’re not where you need to be.

And then you realize that if you want to get there, you need to leave everything behind.

Your old beliefs.

Your old mistakes.

Your old strategies.

Your old approach to life.

So here’s what I’m doing:

A Blank Slate

I’m reevaluating everything – all of my previous ideas, beliefs, and values.

One way I’m doing this is by setting all of my previous posts to private.

I can stand by some of my previous posts. Others, I cannot.

I’m going to reread all of them, and decide which is which.

But, most posts going forward are going to be related to my career.

A New Career

This year, I tried to start a business.

It failed.

There are many reasons for this failure, ones I’ll be reflecting on. I may even write a postmortem in the coming weeks.

Since I won’t be running that business, I’m choosing a new direction for my career – one compatible with a new approach to life.

I’m learning to code.

Why? Many reasons. Ones I might talk about in the coming months.

While learning to code, I’m going to use this website to showcase my portfolio, projects, and skills – an interactive resume.

I’m also going to write about my journey learning to code, and about what I’ve learned.

Beyond that, where my career goes will depend on what skills or areas are compatible with my goals.

An Authentic Self

Times like this are good for thinking about your strategy towards life – and what it means to be authentic.

Some people believe that being authentic means not being strategic.

This is false.

Your goals, your dreams, your vision – these things are part of you. And so, being true to yourself requires being true to those parts of you as well.

If you act “authentically”, and as a result you fail to achieve your dreams, are you really being authentic?

Maybe you should reconsider what being “authentic” means.

Or, maybe you should reconsider the “self” you say you’re being true to.

A New Chapter

It is time for a change.

People change… and change again.

Nations rise… and are transformed.

Dinosaurs have their day in the sun… and then their time is done.

Whether you’re talking about a person, a nation, or a species, all of them change, and are eventually replaced by something new.

Whether that change is for better or worse remains to be seen.