Road to Code #34

Another update on learning to code.

This week I finished up with EJS (or at least the parts dedicated to EJS). The major thing covered at the end here was what the instructor calls “partials” or “includes”. The idea with partials is to take code that needs to be on multiple pages (like a link to a code library, or the code for a navigation bar that’s on every page), and puts that on a separate page that you can reference with a short line. Doing this really shortens the code, and makes it more manageable.

If this course has hammered anything in, it’s that coders don’t actually remember a lot of stuff, and have to rely on online documentation to remember how to build different things. Developer friends have told me that, but I’ve seen it myself. The instructor for the course has been a web developer for years, and yet when he’s using a popular code framework (Bootstrap) to build a navigation bar, he needs to go to the Bootstrap website to look up their code for building it. If experienced coders have to look up things like that, I have zero chance of memorizing things as a new coder. This makes me less worried and more worried about being a developer.

The work continues.