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The Internet is Built to Distract You

The internet is the greatest distraction engine the world has ever made.

Endless videos on Youtube. A constant stream of pictures from Instagram. Just one more episode on Netflix. Memes and political rants from people you went to high school with on Facebook. Fake stories on Reddit. Blue checks being sarcastic on Twitter. Video games played with thousands or even millions of people through Steam.

And let’s not get started on the adult side of the internet.

All of this endless content is combined with algorithm upon algorithm, designed to keep you scrolling longer and make you addicted to their services.

Yes, addicted. The modern internet is designed to make you an addict. Constant entertainment. Constant novelty. Constant distraction. If you let it, the internet will make it basically impossible to do productive work, or anything else that requires focused attention. We’re amusing ourselves to death, with all of the consequences that implies.

Use the internet for a few purposes: educating yourself, making money, connecting with others, and self-improvement. Avoid the endless cycle of addictive entertainment as much as possible. Do other things besides stare at a screen for 12 hours a day. Go outside. Talk to your family. Play with your pet. Read a book. Make money.

You were not born to browse the internet. You were born to live, and thrive.

Alright, back to Reddit!