Road to Code #35

Another update on learning to code.

Now I’m working on something called REST. REST (Representational State Transfer) isn’t a kind of code, but is a set of coding guidelines for how to build things where a client and user interact. Things like having a uniform interface throughout the entire thing you’re building, and having a base/starting URL that every other function you write extends from.

As I’ve gone through the course, there’s been a tension between going through the course fast (and feeling like I don’t completely understand things), vs going through the course slower (to be thorough, but delaying when I finish the course). I’ll set a goal for when I complete the course, but then end up slowing down.

I think I just need to speed up, and trust that whatever I don’t understand now, I’ll understand it later. After I finish the course I was already planning of watching all the videos again on double speed (which I do for most videos/podcasts). There’s 64 hours of video in the course, so I can watch 32 hours of double speed video over the course of several days. Then watch them all again. And then, I can go to youtube and watch those videos like “Learn HTML in 4 hours!” or “JavaScript: The Complete 12 Hour Course”. After that, anything else I need to learn can either be learned on the job, or learned over the course of a career in tech.

The work continues.