Road to Code #5

Another update on learning to code.

In the middle of CSS. Learning all about how different things on a web page are spaced, and how to change the size of things. Some of it is a little repetitive, where there are multiple ways to change how far apart different elements are on a page.

The point of taking this Web Developer Bootcamp is to get a job as a web dev. But if for some reason that didn’t happen (winning the lottery?), I’ll still have learned a ton about how websites work, and why they look the way they do.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but oddly enough my previous interests in evolutionary biology and zoology are pretty useful in this course. There’s a lot of nesting elements within each other, and you need to keep track of where they are and how they are related (kind of like how different individual organisms are in a species, and different species are in a genus, and so on).

The work continues.