Why Write About Climate Change? (Climate Week #5)

Why write about climate change in the first place?

My goal is to find a solution to climate change, whatever it takes. I could do that by closing my website entirely, giving up on writing, and just spending my time on learning, research, and scientific experiments. Writing about any problem (including climate change) doesn’t automatically lead to the problem being solved.

So if writing =/= solving, and my goal is to solve climate change… why write about climate change every week, or at all? Lots of people have written about climate change already. What’s the point?

At a basic level, it’s a way of keeping myself accountable, and make progress every week.

Climate change is really complicated. There’s a lot of ground you could cover if you wanted to become an expert – something thousands of scientists have dedicated decades of their life to doing. I don’t think that’s achievable for me in the next decade, or really necessary.

If someone wanted to only understand the parts necessary for solving climate change, that would be difficult, but doable – as long as they kept at it for weeks on end, and only focused on the absolutely most important parts.

Writing about climate change every week forces me to start the week saying “By the end of the week, I need to learn about climate change and share something about it with the world” That doesn’t necessarily mean saying something new or revolutionary – I’m learning about the problem as I go, there’s a lot to talk about.

Then again, it also doesn’t mean thousands and thousands of words every week if that isn’t necessary – different weeks will have different amounts of learning, and they say brevity is the soul of wit. What’s important is writing about something related to the goal of stopping climate change – the science, the solutions, and the logistics/process of getting this done. Even the politics, if that comes up (it probably will).

It doesn’t have to really long. It doesn’t have to be about the same thing every week. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to represent some amount of progress towards finding a solution to climate change. I can correct errors later, add stuff on later, or even combine the things I write if I write about two parts of a topic separately. As long as progress is made every week.

Also, one of the words of advice I’ve seen about learning over the years is that the best way to learn and remember something is to teach others. Reading about a topic is easy. Taking what you learn about the topic, remembering the important parts, and turning it into an understandable lesson is harder – but worth it, if you want to be a person who can solve problems. And climate change is a problem that needs to be solved, just as much if not more than all the other problems out there.

So that’s why I’m writing every week about climate change.

Alright. Back to work.