Write About Something Important

For the past two weeks, I’ve been writing and posting an essay on this blog everyday. I started this with the intention of writing and posting something for everyday in July. I tried it last year in July, and wanted to try again this year.

I’m discontinuing this practice of posting everyday, and will most likely not practice this again in the future (on my own time, at least).

I started it with the intention of following my own advice, writing everyday to build a writing habit, and to get to a million words faster – the idea being that you need to write a million (low quality) words before you can master writing. While writing everyday is an excellent habit to have, and getting to a million words might be a great goal, it doesn’t replace something very important for great writing:

Having something important to say.

Out of everything I wrote, probably the two posts most worth reading were a reflection on patriotism, and reflection on using disagreement to become mentally stronger. Everything else was either a continuation of similar themes, or ended up as generic self-improvement advice I’ve been thinking about lately. Helpful for getting my thoughts in order, but maybe not as much value for other people.

There’s value in lowering your standards, and just publishing as much as possible to see what works. Quantity is great, but you need to balance that against a genuine pursuit of Quality. There’s stuff that helps you (essays that get your thoughts in order, or reach a writing goal faster), and then there are things that have a chance of proving massive value to everyone who reads it.

Publish a lot. But try to make sure it’s something worth publishing.