Clean One Thing Everyday

It’s really easy to put off cleaning and organizing.

You’re a busy person, working and living your life. You put things off. You’ll clean your mirror tomorrow, you’ll sort through those papers another time, so on and so forth. You do this most of the time… and over time these things build up.

Eventually you get sick of the mess and do one big clean-and-sort, but 90% of the time your living space is a mess.

New rule: clean or organize one thing a day. Just one thing. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or take very long. It can be a small thing, and take 5 minutes or less. Just find one thing in your environment that is disorganized, or dirty, or just a little rough around the edges. Get it looking how you would like it to look. Repeat this until your living space is consistently clean and organized.

Obviously the better habit would be to clean and organize things the moment they become dirty or disorganized, but that can be difficult habit to maintain if you’ve rarely done that. Start small.

Clean or organize one thing everyday.