The “Best” Productivity System

There’s a lot of advice about what the best productivity system is.

Getting Things Done. Bullet Journal Method. Kanban. Honey-do lists and sticky notes. Paying a woman from Craiglist to slap you whenever you visit Facebook. Everyone has an opinion about what’s best, what works, and what you should use.

Here’s the actual best productivity system:

The best productivity system is the one you consistently use.

You can pick the “perfect” productivity system, or create the “perfect” system yourself, but if you don’t use it, it’s worthless.

Try different systems or tools for a discrete period of time. A quarter. A month. Long enough that you can tell if you’re getting results. If your productivity system isn’t working, if it isn’t one that’s easy and attractive for you to use consistently, drop it.

Of course, maybe the problem isn’t your productivity system sucking – maybe it’s you that sucks. Maybe you drink too much, or sleep too little, or don’t meditate enough, or all of the above. Account for that. That said, if your productivity system only works when you’re at your best, it probably doesn’t work as well as it could.

Find the productivity system that you can consistently use.