Final Thought on the June Debates – Why Were There No Candidate Introductions?

Here’s something that’s been bothering me, and the more that I think about it the more it bothers me.

About a week ago, the first round of 2020 Democratic debates were held, featuring 20 different candidates. Even for political junkies, this is a lot of new faces and platforms to keep track of.

So why were there no candidate introductions? You would think that at the first debates, the one thing you would want to do is make sure the audience, at bare minimum, has an even minor idea of who all of these people are.

I’m sure if asked the DNC/MSNBC would have some reason for this (10 people on stage means you want to spend more time on the issues!), but one consequence is likely: the candidates who needed introductions the least (Warren, Sanders, Biden, Harris) are more likely to stay ahead, while unknowns (Yang, Inslee, Swalwell, de Blasio) are more likely to stay behind.

The cynical part of me says that this was an intentional move to thin the field early, forcing the unknowns to drop in favor of focusing on better known candidates. The more realistic part of me says that this was a mere oversight from the DNC/MSNBC, which were freaking out about how to talk about political issues with 10 people in a mere two hours.

Either way, I hope the coming July debates do a better job of introducing the candidates to the audience, especially since so many people are only tuning into the horse race right around now.